milky night
leader of the pack
kansas city

honestly a great thing about nancy drew games is that they take you all over the world and are often based on the culture of that country, even if they are made more fantastical for dramatic effect and its Full of misandry. just now it was like “how do you know its a boy thats being evil here” and this characters like “a knowledge of history”

also everyone is HILARIOUS and good and this game is my fave so far i think

the newest nancy drew is so so so so good and my fave character from an older game is in it and shes this super cute muslim girl and theres like TWO white people total in it and only 2 boys. its woc on an island being cool and i love it

gaygothgirl i considered parachuting down so we could hang out

gonna do th six selfies thing when im home..

gues who goin home
im on a plane

im on a plane hi

all ive done this trip on here is post selfies


bout to do a gay photoshoot w laura in central park